Grand Cayman Shopping

Tax Free Shopping

The greatest advantage of shopping in the Cayman Islands is that any items that you may purchase including expensive jewelry and liquor are completely tax free. Many of the other Caribbean islands have a value added tax (VAT) sometimes as high as 12-15% making all purchases of food, luxury items and everyday needs that much more expensive. Grand Cayman has the most developed infrastructure of the three islands, and therefore, the very best shopping both for tourists and residents. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac only have smaller local shops.


 The price on the label is what you pay. As the Caymans take US dollars as well as Caymanian currency (CI), it is best to always ask as there is an exchange rate.  Jewelry shops in George Town can be competitive as this is the centre for tourists. If you are looking for a watch, diamonds or necklaces, it doesn’t hurt to negotiate as there are so many jewelry shops competing with one another. Buying these luxury items in Grand Cayman with the tax free regulation, makes it financially worthwhile. You can pay in US dollars in all stores, but your change will be in CI.

Tourist Shopping

 If you will be purchasing the typical touristy things like t-shirts, postcards, beach inflatables, beach clothing or a keepsake souvenir, George Town and Camana Bay are the places to shop. Most of the souvenirs are priced fairly so no need to go to many shops hunting for the best price. If you are searching for a beautiful piece of art or a historical piece, try Cayman Islands Museum and Pure Art.

Clothes Shopping

 Grand Cayman has lovely boutiques where clothes shopping is more intimate and less crowded. These smaller shops can be found in George Town, Bodden Town, West Bay and  Rum Point. If you are staying in Rum Point/Cayman Cai areas, there is a beautiful beach shop offering beach clothing, flip flops, hats, t-shirts and some ladies’ fashions.

If you are looking for more everyday clothes, Atlantic Clothes is the closest to a Caymanian department store where you can find ladies’, men’s and kid’s clothing. They also have shoes, bags, lingerie, toys and gifts.

Luxury Brand Shopping

If you are looking for luxury brand name fashions, Camana Bay is the best place to find the latest fashions such as:

Swim and Active Wear

 Sand Angels carries the latest swimsuit styles and brand names. Sand Angels carries the nicest selection of active sportswear and gym clothes. There are a couple of very nice swimwear shops in Camana Bay.

House Furniture

 Grand Cayman has a number of places to furniture shop depending upon your needs. If you are wanting to purchase day to day furniture including bedroom, living room and dining room furniture, the following are the best places to shop:

If you desire one of a kind custom-made furniture then the following shops will better meet your needs:

Appliance and Hardware Shopping

 Cost U Less or Priced Right offer shoppers less expensive items like TV’s and bulk items. They are the Cayman answer to Costco.

BrandSource Cayman is best if you are looking for a brand name appliance as they stock the latest appliances as well as high end beds and mattresses.

A.L. Thompson is Cayman’s answer to Home Depot as they carry washing machines, refrigerators, bathroom necessities in addition to kitchen cabinets and most of your hardware needs: light bulbs, wood, fans and items needed for home improvement projects.

Creative Tech carries printers, sound systems, the latest state of the art TV’s and sound systems at reasonable prices

Food Shopping

 It is important to always remember that when one either visits or lives on an island, everything comes in by boat or plane. This means that on non-boat days, the supplies may not be as available as on the days when the boat comes in. Fresh fruits and vegetables, unless locally grown, will normally be higher priced than you will pay in your home country.

If you prefer fresh local produce visit Camana Bay’s Farmer’s Market on a Wednesday or Cayman’s Farmers Market on Monday or Saturday on the cricket grounds.

Grand Cayman has a number of larger grocery markets. Sometimes you will have to visit a few of them to find the item you desire:

Priced Right for bulk item buying

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