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Grand Cayman Shopping

Tax free shopping, that is what first comes to mind when you are shopping in the Cayman Islands. No products you buy in the shops will have any added tax. The price you see on the label will be just that. That is one huge advantage of shopping here.

Tourism Shopping

With hundreds of tourists visiting Grand Cayman every year, you can expect to find many of the shops catering to those visitors. Perhaps it is souvenirs, beach clothing, jewelry, beach inflatables or a keepsake to remind you of your trip to Grand Cayman, you can find it across the Island. Here are some of the best places to find those things:

There are many to choose from.


The Cayman Islands will accept its own local currency the CI$ but will also accept the US$. When shopping you will find some items are priced in CI$ and some in $US. If you are unsure it is best to ask the shop assistant as it will make a difference to the price.

If you shop in George Town, you are likely to find pricing very competitive. Most souvenir shops are priced fairly. If you want more luxury items with named brands then you would shop at Camana Bay, but prices here will be much higher.

Shopping For Clothes

You won’t find a large shopping mall in Grand Cayman and you also won’t find your usual high street brands. Grand Cayman has more of a boutique feel to it. There are smaller shops dotted all over the Island, from Bodden Town to West Bay. If you are spending the day at Rum Point you will find a beach shop that stocks beach clothing, flip flops, sun hats and t shirts as well as some ladies clothes. Similar items are sold in many of the hotels.

If you want more fashion items – Atlantic Clothes store is very good – it is the closest thing Cayman has to a department store albeit small. They do change their stock regularly and have quite a large selection of women’s’, men’s’ and kids’ clothes. They also have some shoes, bags, lingerie, toys and gifts.

Shopping for Luxury Brands

If you are interested in buying named, luxury brands then we do have a good selection of stores that cater for that. Also, remember, they will be tax free – even better!

George Town has many jewelry stores that stock all the latest watches, diamonds, necklaces etc. Kirk Freeport is the largest of these located on the waterfront. Because there are many jewelry stores, you are likely to get a deal as they are competing with each other for business.

Camana Bay is the place to go shopping for named brands such as:

For swimwear visit Sand Angels. They have all the latest brands. If you want gym clothes then visit Activ Angels. There are many other shops to choose from, nearly all named and luxury brands.

Shopping for House Furniture

Perhaps you have just moved to Grand Cayman and need to buy furniture for your new home. Grand Cayman has a good selection of both high street priced furniture and high-end. You can find most of what you need here in Grand Cayman. If you are looking for day to day furniture at normal prices then here are the shops to consider:

These all stock numerous items including bedroom, living room and dining room furniture.

If you are looking for more bespoke items then visit:

There is also a shop called Welcome Home Cayman that will order items from Ikea for you. You just look online, pick what want and send them the order – they bring it in and even put it together and deliver for you if you want.

Shopping for Appliances & Hardware

Looking for a new fridge, or perhaps a bigger TV? Grand Cayman has shops that cater for this.

If you want cheap TV’s and bulk items then take a look at Cost U Less or Priced Right – these are the Grand Cayman equivalent of Costco.

If you want named brands then visit BrandSource Cayman, they stock a lot of the latest appliances as well as high end beds and mattresses.

A L Thompson is a large home improvement store similar to Home Depot where you can find bathroom furniture, appliances such as washing machines and fridges etc. plus hardware including lightbulbs, fans, wood and all you need for home improvements.

If you are looking for sound systems, printers, TV’s then why not visit Creative Tech who can help with a lot of this and at reasonable prices.

Shopping For Food

There are a number of large grocery stores in Grand Cayman. Everyone has their favourite but with any smaller Island, sometimes you need to visit more than one store to get everything you need. Here are some of the grocery stores:

Fresh produce can be a little higher priced than other items as it is all shipped in. If you want local, fresh produce then visit Camana Bay’s Farmer’s Market on a Wednesday or visit the Cayman Farmers Market which is held Monday to Saturday at the cricket ground, featuring local farmers fresh produce.

At ERA Cayman Islands, we try to support local where we can, you should too.

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