Luxury Land

All available listings of high-end luxury land for sale in the Cayman Islands, includes different types of land uses including investment vehicles and development sites in spectacular locations peppered within Grand Cayman

Cayman Luxury Land

Cayman Luxury Land

There are still many lucrative opportunities to invest and develop luxury land in the Cayman Islands whether you are building for personal or investment business use. Many larger parcels of Cayman land are owned by investors because of the high return on their money. Major capital is made over time on the appreciation of the property. Whether you are searching for the perfect piece of land for a business development or to build your gorgeous luxury home, ERA will assist you.

ERA has listings for exceptional luxury land on Grand Cayman. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Little Cayman is less developed than Grand Cayman and is ripe for future opportunities with its beautiful beach areas.

Cayman Brac is a beautiful rugged island with high cliffs, secluded beach areas and perfect for the adventurous person. At present there is minimal development on this natural island.

Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands, is one of the strongest thriving investment markets in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman is unique as all land is considered premium land and can be considered luxury due to the limited size of the island, the world renown beaches and numerous waterfront areas. Grand Cayman is in high demand as a tourist destination and therefore the land and homes have a high return on investment..

Cayman’s stable government, lenient tax laws, established infrastructure, thriving tourist market and the new Cayman Islands Health City Hospital are just a few of the reasons why investing financially in Grand Cayman is a lucrative and sound investment. Grand Cayman will soon become a medical destination as two more new Medical Tourism Hospitals are in the works. Grand Cayman will become renown for its world class medical care.

The location of the islands, close to US, with incoming flights from the Caribbean and European airports, and the ease to travel there make it one of the more desirable investment areas of the Caribbean. It is home to multi-national professionals and families from all over the world. English is the primary language making the Caymans a very stress-free and supportive environment for those wishing to invest in land development. A qualified investor will have the support of local banking establishments to assist them with any financial or tax questions that they may have.

An ERA agent will be happy to discuss the land investment opportunities that are available to you and will meet your personal and financial requirements.

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