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Current and Updated Listings of Beachfront Homes for Sale in the Cayman Islands

Beachfront Homes for Sale in the Cayman Islands

Featured Beachfront Homes

Cayman, comprised of 3 very unique and different islands, has some of the world’s most beautiful beachfront homes. Whether you desire a personal home on the beach or as an investment property, we have an extensive selection for the discerning buyer. Beachfront homes just steps to the water’s edge or homes nestled further back with gorgeous sea views offering seclusion and privacy are now on the market ready for the right buyer.

Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer a variety of beachfront homes. Grand Cayman, the largest of the 3 islands is graced with long white sandy beaches and is more developed. Little Cayman is less developed and has lovely beaches waiting for the perfect beachfront house. Cayman Brac, with its rocky coastline and high cliffs, is perfect for the more adventurous buyer.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, is home to the prestigious 7 Mile Beach. Luxury beachfront condos are available right on the breathtaking 7 Mile Beach. When deciding the location of your new beachfront home, one must consider if you want to be closer to George Town or would you prefer more privacy and solitude? Gorgeous single family beachfront homes are available in the following locations:

Rum Point/Cayman Kai Beachfront Homes

Located on a northern tip of the island, is a lovely 45 minute coastal drive from George Town. It is a very desirable location as it offers more privacy, excellent restaurants, water-sports, incredible snorkeling and easy access to Stingray City and Starfish Point. In addition to beautiful sandy beachfront, many homes have swimming pools and areas to moor your boat. If you plan to rent your home, Rum Point/Cayman Kai is a very desirable area for vacation rentals.  Current properties for sale in Rum Point/Cayman Kai.


South Sound Beachfront Homes

Located on the South side of the island near George Town center and an easy walk to shops and restaurants for those who wish to limit their driving while on vacation. It is quieter than 7 Mile Beach area and is a wonderful location for families and professionals who enjoy walking to work. As a result, South Sound is a popular location and beachfront homes are priced higher due to the close proximity of conveniences and it being a desirable rental area for tourists. Current properties for sale in South South.


Bodden Town Beachfront Homes

Located midway on the southern shore, was the former capital of Cayman. Bodden Town has the ambiance of a traditional Caribbean village. There are local restaurants and shops. Beaches vary from rocky to gorgeous sandy areas. Current properties available for sale in Bodden Town.


West Bay Beachfront Homes

At the northern end of 7 Mile Beach offers a more residential populated area of locals and expats and is closer to shops and amenities. A variety of lovely beachfront homes are available. Current properties available in West Bay.

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East End Beachfront Homes

Located at the Southeast end of Grand Cayman, is an up and coming area for development offering buyers the opportunity to have a gorgeous beachfront home at a more affordable price. The new Cayman Islands Health City hospital is located here offering world class healthcare. East End hosts two beautiful resorts, Morritts and Wyndham Reef Resort.  The entire area has the feel of Old Cayman with lovely waterfront restaurants, a small grocery store and liquor shop. Current properties available in East End.


Prospect Point Beachfront Homes

Located on the South side of Grand Cayman, offers lovely beachfront land. Homes along this Millionaire’s Way do not come on the market very often. If you would like to build your own beachfront home, waterfront property is still available. This area is ideal as it is quiet and very close to George Town. Current properties available at Prospect Point.


Little Cayman and Cayman Brac

Little Cayman Beachfront Homes

The smallest of the 3 Cayman Islands, offers more beachfront land to build your own beachfront home. It is still undeveloped so there are not many beachfront homes for sale. Right offshore is some of the world’s best diving. On Little Cayman you will find peace and tranquility if that is what you are searching for.


Cayman Brac Beachfront Homes

Known for it’s gorgeous cliffs and rocky coastline offers more land availability than sandy beach areas. Great for diving, snorkeling, rock climbing and hiking; perfect for the outdoor sportsperson as one can see Booby Birds, parrots and iguanas. It is a wonderful natural unspoiled environment with secluded beaches. Current properties available on Cayman Brac.


We are here to assist you in finding your dream beachfront property. It is our job to make you feel at home.

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