Cayman Beachfront Homes

Most Current and Updated MLS Listings of Beachfront Homes in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Beachfront Homes

If you move to a tropical Island you would expect to find a home on the beach. Sure enough the Cayman Islands has plenty of beachfront homes available for sale.

There are of course homes that are directly on the beach, where you can step out of your door on to the white sand. But there are also homes that are across from the beach where you have unbroken sea views but not necessarily directly on the beach. You just have to let us know what would suit you. Email us at and tell us what you are looking for.

Cayman Beachfront homes come in various locations across all three Islands. Grand Cayman has many white sand beach locations to choose from, Cayman Brac has more rocky beaches and Little Cayman, being the smallest of all three Islands has lovely beaches but not many of them with houses on.

Beachfront Homes in Grand Cayman

If you are looking for a single-family home rather than a condo on the beach, then expect to pay that little bit more. However, if you pick the right location you can get a lot of beachfront for your money. If you want to be a little closer to town and closer to the airport, then prices will go up. A lot of people come to Grand Cayman and want to live on prestigious 7 Mile Beach. However, there are no single-family homes currently for sale on the beach itself, you can find waterfront homes close by that might be on a canal or the North Sound but if you want to live on 7 Mile Beach, then condos are the only option. Take a look at 7 Mile Beach condos to find out more about that particular option. Otherwise, here are some other beachfront locations where you will find single family homes:

  • Rum Point/Cayman Kai
  • South Sound
  • Bodden Town
  • West Bay
  • East End
  • Prospect Point

Rum Point/Cayman Kai is about a 45-minute coastal scenic drive from the centre of George Town. Rum Point/Cayman Kai offers peace, quiet, fewer tourists, some fantastic restaurants, watersports and you can access Stingray City and Starfish Point very easily. Fantastic for snorkeling. There are quite a few beachfront homes for sale in this location. It has a nice old school Caribbean feel about it. Life moves slowly and folks are friendly. The beachfront homes offer private beaches with swimming pools, calm water to snorkel, places to moor your boat or just enjoy lazing under a palm tree. Rum Point beachfront homes are excellent vacation properties offering a high rate of return if you want to market it as a vacation rental when you aren’t using it. Here are the current properties for sale in Rum Point/Cayman Kai.

South Sound is much closer to the airport and George Town. It is quieter than 7 Mile Beach and very popular location for families and professionals who want beach life but do not have such a commute to town. It is also a great location for some lovely alfresco restaurants as well as smaller beach coves for snorkeling. As it is also a much sought after location, properties directly on the beach do come at a slightly higher price than those further out, but also offer great investment potential if you wish to use it as a vacation home. Here are the current properties for sale in South Sound.

Did you know Bodden Town was originally the capital of Grand Cayman?, That title was changed to George Town and Bodden Town is now a sleepy area heading out East. It has a real village Caribbean feel to it. A lot of locals live in this neighbourhood as well as expats who have chosen this quieter location. Fewer amenities but there are some nice local restaurants and a few small local stores selling produce. There are some nice beach areas, some rocky but also some with gorgeous sandy areas. Here are some beachfront properties for sale in Bodden Town.

West Bay is much more residential than other areas such as South Sound and Bodden Town and it also has some lovely beaches. 7 Mile Beach extends partly up West Bay Road and then you turn off into West Bay itself where you will find some quieter beach areas. This is a populated residential neighbourhood with a mixture of locals and expats. There are various beachfront homes available in this location, some slightly further out West than others. Obviously the further out you go the lower the prices. If you want to be closer to shops and amenities, then West Bay is a good option. Here are some properties in West Bay.

There are fewer beachfront homes available in East End only because East End is still very underdeveloped. There is a lot of beachfront land still available to build on, but more and more people are starting to head that way since the newest hospital Cayman Islands Health City opened up there. East End feels like old Cayman. It still has a very local feel to it but offers schools and some lovely waterfront restaurants as well as other local amenities including a small grocery store and liquor store. There are two resorts out this way also, Morritts and Wyndham Reef Resort which means tourists frequent the area. Because of its distance from George Town, if you want a beachfront home at a more affordable price then this is a better location to consider. Take a look at properties available in East End.

Prospect Point is an area locals call Old Prospect Road which is a very small road just at the top of South Sound as you head out East. This can also be referred to as millionaire’s way as there are some very lovely homes along this road. Prospect Point Road is very very quiet, there are just a few large homes and a couple of condo complexes, a Montessori school and a community centre. It is a great secret location if you are looking to be close to town but away from all the hussle and bussle. The road is peaceful with very little traffic apart from the morning commute between 8am + 9am. The rest of the day sees hardly any traffic and you can hear the sounds of the ocean and parrots in the trees. As there are so few homes in this location, not many properties come up for sale and they are also at a slightly higher price, but you can also get a lot of beachfront for your money so definitely worth considering. Take a look at what is available in Prospect Point.

Beach Front Homes in Cayman Brac/Little Cayman

Little Cayman is the smallest of all three Cayman Islands. It is still very underdeveloped and has a small population. A mixture of locals and some expats. It is best known for the fantastic diving. It is also the perfect place if you really want to get away from everything and just enjoy being away from people and have peace and quiet. There is more beachfront land for sale than there are beachfront homes, so perhaps building your own beachfront home could be a possibility. Here is what is currently available in Little Cayman.

Cayman Brac is also fantastic for diving and snorkeling. Beaches are more rocky than sandy as Cayman Brac is known for the Bluff creating a higher elevation and rocky coastline. Great for diving, rock climbing and hiking. You can also see the Cayman Brac Booby Bird and parrots as well as rock iguanas. However, there are some beaches that are hidden away. Like Little Cayman there is more land than homes for sale but take a look at options for Cayman Brac.

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