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Cayman Islands Real Estate Market Tops $500 Million in Sales in Q2 2024

The Cayman Islands real estate market has begun 2024 on a high note, demonstrating impressive performance in the first half of the year. According to the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA), the market opened with over 200 sales totaling more than US$250 million in the first quarter alone. This achievement marked a record high for Q1 volumes and ranked as the third-highest volume for any single quarter on record.

The momentum only increased in the following months. In CIREBA’s recently released statistical report covering January to June 2024, property sales surged, with 452 units sold, amounting to US$573,837,407.24. This impressive figure easily surpasses the half-billion mark by the end of the second quarter, underscoring the market’s robust growth and resilience.

The steady demand and significant sales volumes reflect a dynamic and thriving real estate market in the Cayman Islands, poised for continued success in the latter half of the year.

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Scarcity in prime locations

Some experts believe that the first quarter’s boost may be attributed in part to the anticipation of the Federal Reserve potentially lowering interest rates within the next 18 months, fueling expectations of increased mortgage affordability in the near term. This optimism has seemingly extended into the subsequent months, sustaining the market’s upward trajectory.

It has also been noted that a significant factor driving the market is the scarcity of land in the highly sought-after Seven Mile Beach corridor, which has led to a rise in the prices of available lots. This scarcity continues to exert upward pressure on property values, reflecting the area’s long-held desirability.

The higher-end sector, despite its critically low supply, remains active and is typically considered an indicator of broader market trends. Historically, activity in this sector often precedes movement in other sectors, suggesting positive signs for the market’s future.

Residential properties dominate the market

According to the latest sold listing report, residential properties have maintained their status as the most coveted investments among buyers over the past six months, accounting for 76% of total property sales with a total of 344 units sold.

Among residential properties, condominiums still emerged as the predominant choice, with 257 units purchased, generating a total sales volume of US$326,090,148.19. Notably, these upscale condominiums are primarily located along the renowned Seven Mile Beach strip, the most sought-after beachfront neighborhood in Grand Cayman.

Single-family homes also experienced significant activity, with 66 units sold, contributing US$130,350,457.18, or 27% of the total sales for this period.

Brisk land sales in Q2

Land sales have also been brisk, totaling US$56,092,194.68, or 9.8% of the entire second-quarter sales. A significant portion of this revenue — over half — came from the sale of three beachfront properties designated for hotel and tourism development, which alone brought in an impressive US$28.5 million.

Additionally, land sales in low-density residential areas were strong, with 38 out of 85 properties sold in this category, contributing US$14 million in sales.

Steady growth and prospects

Overall, the Cayman Islands real estate market has shown steady growth with consistent demand in the first half of the year. Observers have also partly attributed this trend to population growth and a slowdown in development, factors that have contributed to insufficient inventory levels and have helped to sustain firm pricing.

Mid and entry-level properties are also seeing movement, albeit at a slower pace. Despite unchanged lending rates and the high cost of living, there has been an increase in inquiries over the past six months. This uptick appears to be driven by a new class of buyers, more negotiable sellers, acceptance of current lending rates, and a general unwillingness to delay purchases any longer.

As the year progresses, the Cayman Islands real estate market is poised to continue its strong performance, with potential interest rate cuts and ongoing demand expected to drive future growth

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