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Cayman Islands Homes For Sale

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Homes for sale in the Cayman Islands

When choosing from the vast array of Cayman Islands homes for sale, there are a variety of architectural and structural factors to take into consideration. From contemporary Caribbean beach houses to traditional Cayman homes, properties in the Cayman Islands are exceptionally unique. Lush, tropical landscapes combined with panoramic ocean views serve as a spectacular backdrop for pavilions and patios – many of which pay homage to the architectural heritage of the Caribbean.

Traditional Cayman islands Homes for sale

Although condominiums and beachfront homes make up the vast majority of Cayman Islands real estate, traditional Caymanian cottages, cabins and bungalows can still be found for sale. Often built primarily from local materials, the simplicity of these traditional homes don’t hinder their originality; tin roofs, salvaged wood and constant variations in design make every home distinct. Now upgraded to withstand mother nature’s occasional temper tantrums in the Caribbean, architects have fused these traditional Cayman cottages, cabins and bungalows with sustainable storm-resistant building methods that often combine the best of two eras. In these Cayman homes for sale you’ll see traditional character united with 21st century convenience and durability.

Modern cayman Homes in the market

Modern Cayman homes for sale feature some of the most striking architectural designs in the world. Sharp, clean lines venture past traditional Caymanian designs and pursue contemporary ventures that are inspired by innovative technique in function and layout. Modern real estate in the Cayman Islands revolves around linear elements and striking horizontal and vertical features – much of which you’ll see along the Seven Mile Beach corridor’s canal developments.Free from clutter, modern aesthetic is minimalistic and compliments the natural landscape of the Caribbean. Windows are used as an intricate part of modern design, allowing for an intriguing manipulation of space and light. With a heightened focus on quality materials and inventive technology, modern Cayman real estate is constantly changing.

Cayman Beachfront Homes for sale

Blending modernity with the contented tradition of Caymanian culture, Cayman beachfront houses for sale are favored for their relaxed feel and versatility. Despite their time-honored Caribbean charm, many beach properties uphold the tenets of modern architecture. Gardens and other outdoor features are utilized with Cayman beach houses – although often in a lesser sense than modern Cayman homes due to the indoor incorporation of outdoor features and the utilization of the natural Caymanian landscape.Cayman beach houses are unique in that they enhance the understanding of the influences that propelled Cayman Islands’ architecture while expressing the artistry of the architect that designed them. Simple and elegant, many Cayman beach houses use natural materials with earthy tones to aide in maintaining a delicate balance between comfortable and contemporary.

Cayman Islands Architects

Renowned Cayman Islands architect John Doak implements new technologies to create well-adapted, modern Cayman homes – all of which are visually stunning. In fact, many argue that Doak has become the new face of “Cayman Style” architectural designs. After living on Grand Cayman for the last 37 years, Doak not only understands the intricacies of Caymanian culture, but showcases it in the unique architectural designs of his Grand Cayman homes. Creating elegance through a sustainable approach, Doaks believes that island architecture (in opposition to architecture on the mainland) presents new challenges and requires a fervently imaginative technique. Doak received a Cayman Islands Certificate and badge of honor for his work in architectural preservation from Queen Elizabeth II in 2013, and continues to create sensational Caymanian properties.

There are also a variety of architectural firms that specialize in Caribbean housing, many of which work with new and existing homeowners to cater to the geography and climate of each location. One of the larger firms on Grand Cayman, OA+D Architects employs designers who live on and celebrate the environment of the Islands – an approach that allows for the contribution and presentation of cutting-edge designs. Setting the tone for future development across the Caribbean, designers respond to warm light and dazzling views to create alasting architectural impact.

Every design is unique. At Cayman Luxury Property Group, we showcaseGrand Cayman homes that represent some of the most remarkable architecture in the world. From modern homes to beach houses, our Grand Cayman real estate team is equipped to walk you through the wide variety of Cayman Islands homes for sale.Let us introduce you to the outstanding design philosophy of the Caribbean.

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