Clear Title Guarantee

When purchasing property or a home in the Cayman Islands, the Caymanian government guarantees clear title. This guarantee is what makes buying property in Cayman a financially sound investment for the future. In many countries, clear title is only guaranteed when the buyer purchases special Title Insurance to guarantee that the title is free of encumbrances adding additional costs to the transaction.

The issuance of clear title is the responsibility of Cayman Islands Land and Survey Department, a part of the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture. It is the local office in George Town that is in charge of land registration, surveying, geographical data and government facilities management. They are responsible for generating the Land Registry and the Registry Map.

The Land Registry and The Registry Map

The Land Registry, responsible for recording all land transactions on Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, records all property ownership for both homes and raw land. The Registry Map defines all boundaries of each parcel of land with a registration number. The Registrar of Lands is responsible for maintaining both records. The Registered Land Law, Registered Land Rules and Registered Land Regulations governs the recording process. The Land Registry database of approximately 27,000 parcels defines ownership as well as leases, rights of way, and mortgages/charges. The Land Registry and Registry Map are both public records.

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The Legal Cadastre Survey

The Legal Cadastre is the foundation of Cayman’s land registration system. Cadastre surveying can only be completed by licensed land and government surveyors in accordance with the Land Surveyors Law and Land Surveyors Regulations for the purposes of the Registered Land Law. In many Caribbean countries, the surveyors may not be licensed or as well-trained as in Cayman leading to inaccurate recording of boundaries and the possibility of future lawsuits. In Cayman, the buyers are protected from these mistakes saving them an inordinate amount of money in lawsuits that usually last years.

Purchasing Caribbean Property

Throughout the Caribbean, there have been numerous incidents of a buyer discovering that the property they purchased does not have clear title or may not actually be the size of the property that they thought they purchased, but turns out to be only a smaller parcel of the original. All of these concerns can be put to rest when purchasing property or a house in Cayman as all transactions will be backed by government guarantees. In addition, CIREBA (Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association) employs agents who adhere to a strict code of business standards as determined by CIREBA’s Rules and Regulations and are required to attend regular training courses to keep apprised of any new regulations. This strict code of ethics and training is not necessarily found throughout the Caribbean.

When making a considerable investment in either a home or property you want to be assured that you and your investment are protected. This government protection of clear title and CIREBA make the Cayman Islands the best place for your investment. More buyers are turning to the Caymans as they know that having clear title guarantee is the most important aspect to protect their future return.

All of our ERA agents are able to assist and advise you on the Land Registration of property you are buying or selling.

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