Title Guarantee

One of the basic selling points to investors considering the purchase of property in the Cayman Islands is that the territory has a land registration system whereby Government guarantees title.

The local Government entity in charge of land registration, surveying, geographic data and management of government facilities is the Cayman Islands Land & Survey Department, part of the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture. Within the Department, the Land Registry records the details of all land ownership information in Cayman, together with a Registry Map, which indicates and/or defines the boundaries of each individually owned parcel of land. The Registrar of Lands is responsible for maintaining the Land Register and Registry Map, which are governed by the Registered Land Law, Registered Land Rules and Registered Land Regulations. The Land Register and associated documents are public records.

The Land Registry is responsible for recording all land transactions in the three Cayman Islands, in a database including about 27,000 parcel registers defining ownership and other interests in land such as leases, rights of way and mortgages/charges.

The foundation of Cayman’s land registration system is the legal cadastre. Cadastral surveying is the process of mapping property boundaries to provide an unambiguous definition of the parcel extent and to maintain the Registry Map. Cadastral surveying is a legal requirement in the land registration process and can only be undertaken by licensed land surveyors and government surveyors in accordance with the Land Surveyors Law and Land Survey Regulations for the Purposes of the Registered Land Law.

All of our ERA real estate agents are able to assist and advise on the Land Registration of property you are buying or selling.

An attorney is recommended when selling or buying property. Here is a list of local attorneys should you wish to reach out to them for assistance:

Dinner Martin Attorneys
Phone: +1 345 745 5000
Website: Dentons – Home


Phone: + 1 345 949 4900
Website: https://www.applebyglobal.com/locations/cayman-islands/

Phone: +1 345 949 2648
Website: https://www.campbellslegal.com/

Phone: + 1 345 943 0303
Website: https://boddens.ky/bodden-and-bodden


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