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Browse through Luxury Homes for Sale in the Cayman Islands. Since the Cayman Islands is a popular tourist destination, it is easy to offer your luxury home as a luxury vacation rental. There is always a high demand for beachfront condos and homes from Seven Mile Beach to Cayman Kai

Cayman Luxury Homes

Cayman Luxury Homes

With its pure white sandy beaches, tropical sunshine, turquoise Caribbean Sea; luxury comes naturally to the Cayman Islands.

When you think of a luxury home you think of swimming pools, private beaches, sunset views and spending time on your boat. When buying a luxury home in the Cayman Islands, those things are very likely. Depending on which part of the Islands you are looking there are homes to suit all kinds of luxury lifestyles.

Where to buy a Cayman Luxury Home

The gated community of Vista del Mar offers waterfront restaurants, a yacht club and places to moor your own boat. This is a very high end, exclusive address to have. With onsite security and private residences, if you want luxury then this is a good place to start.

Perhaps you prefer the luxuries of a beachfront resort. The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman offers residences where you can enjoy all the amenities this 5-star hotel offers. Use of their golf course, restaurants and spas all come as part of the package if you are an owner of a Ritz-Carlton residence.

7 Mile Beach Condos are some of the most sought-after luxury properties you can find on Grand Cayman. With miles of white sandy beach a step away from your front door, this is the ultimate in luxury living. Most 7 Mile Beach Condos include their own onsite management and security to ensure your property is well maintained year round. With sunset views, private pools and beaches, living on one of the top Caribbean beaches in the world truly is a luxury worth having.

Rum Point luxury homes are set apart from the rest. Slightly further away but they do offer peace and tranquility away from busy tourist spots. A lot of the Rum Point residences offer private beaches, infinity pools, lush landscaping, snorkeling from your own doorstep and most of all, the luxury you deserve.

There are other areas of course, so speak to us about your ideal luxury home.

Cayman Luxury Vacation Homes

If you purchase a luxury home in the Cayman Islands, it can offer a sound return on investment. The Cayman Islands is a popular vacation destination all year round. Many families, honeymooners, professional couples and business people come to Cayman to enjoy their time off. If you only use your home a few weeks a year for your own vacation, you will have the ability to earn additional income by offering your home as a luxury vacation rental. There is high demand for beach homes and condos across Cayman, particularly in Rum Point and on Seven Mile Beach. With year-round sunshine, the overnight tourism market has grown considerably over the last few years which means the vacation rental market has also grown. There are many organisations in Cayman that will property manage and arrange the vacation rentals for you.

Gaining Permanent Residency by purchasing a Cayman Luxury Home

Buying a luxury home in Cayman has other benefits, not just a wonderful place to spend your time. If you make an investment in developed real estate of US$2,400,000 and have proven sufficient means to maintain yourself and dependents, you can earn the Certificate of Permanent Residence of Persons of Independent Means.

You could be an owner of a wonderful Cayman luxury home but also have the option to stay in Cayman as long as you want. Think about this as your retirement home or your permanent home, the possibilities are open to you with this investment.

To find out more about Residency and living in the Cayman Islands visit our Cayman Information page.

Available Luxury Homes in Cayman

Luxury Homes are available all across Cayman. It depends on your budget, your lifestyle and location choices.

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