Mandarin Oriental

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Highest Height of Caribbean Luxury

The Mandarin Oriental Grand Cayman is set to be the height of luxury properties in the Caribbean region. Literally… The site for the planned five-star development is slated for St. James Point in the Bodden Town district of the Cayman Islands and will be the very first five-star development built off of and away from the well-known (and well heeled) Seven Mile Beach area. St. James Point is one of the most elevated areas geographically on the otherwise predominantly flat island. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands – Little Cayman and Cayman Brac being the others. St. James Point is situated on the extreme southernmost tip of Grand Cayman and has striking views of the ocean.

Anyone who has heard of the Mandarin Oriental brand of properties knows that this is an exciting and unique opportunity for Grand Cayman. The Hong Kong based group features a myriad of properties, hotels, residences and resorts located all throughout the world. Currently there are thirty-three properties in their suite – with new projects coming online in Zurich, Phuket, Dallas, Vienna and Tel Aviv (just to name a few). The Mandarin Oriental brand is synonymous with the peak of luxury and service and the properties are defined by their grandiose, posh nature and exceptional level of attention to detail. The spaces they create in their properties invoke emotion due to their high level of design, form and function. The properties are bespoke, sumptuous and leave a lasting impression on each and every guest. To stay, dine or live at a Mandarin Oriental property is to experience the peak of hospitality. The Mandarin Oriental Grand Cayman will be no exception.

Grand Cayman’s Mandarin Oriental Offering

The Cayman Mandarin offering is expected to turn heads and be a hospitality product the likes of which the island has never before seen. St. James Point is a tropical vista with a white sandy beach bookended by striking cliffs that will assuredly make a lasting impression. This property will not disappoint. There will be eighty-nine private residences and one hundred hotel rooms on the property. As it is planned, there will be a mix of two and four bedroom residences that will feature balconies with ocean views. Additionally, the penthouse will have its own outdoor kitchen and pool. Entry level pricing is slated to be in the $4 million dollar range with pricing going up from there depending on the residence one chooses and, of course, the achievement of construction milestones. As an astute buyer would expect, ownership will come with all the bells and whistles the Mandarin brand is known for – exceptional dining, spa offerings and a full dedicated staff attending to your every need. A farm is also in the plans so that the restaurants and bars can offer an actual farm-to-table experience for owners and hotel visitors. The parcel is gigantic for the tiny island. When all said and done, the development will span a staggering sixty-seven acres. To put that into perspective, to build a single-family home on the island one would need a parcel at least around .3 acres in total size.

Who’s Behind It?

So who are the parties undertaking this monumental task? In short, an international consortium of hospitality and development leaders are the folks behind the building this new Mandarin development. The team is truly a “who’s who” of industry experts. Besides the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group International Limited – Melkonian Capital Development and RAL Development Services are involved in bringing the vision of the Mandarin Oriental Grand Cayman to life. Additionally, architects Andrew Gibb and Hart Howerton have been tapped and Meyer Davis is spearheading the interior design undertakings. Beach Bay Land Limited is the company that filed for the building permits on behalf of the aforementioned parties. Ryan Melkonian has indicated his personal commitment to the economy, natural environment and residents of the Cayman Islands. It is expected that this project will honor the natural beauty and traditions of this tiny island nation.

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