Dining in the Cayman Islands

Whatever your culinary desires may be, you can find them in Grand Cayman which now proudly holds the title of Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. From fine dining Michelin Star quality to Food Truck take away, you certainly will be eating well while visiting the Caymans.

Seafood Dining

Fresh fish and seafood top the menu for fresh catch of the day. Grand Cayman dining out will not disappoint as there are numerous quality restaurants throughout the island offering a selection of the very best. Daily catch is usually Mahi Mahi or Red Snapper.

  • The Lobster Pot located overlooking the water in George Town is a great place to enjoy lobster. Lobster is regulated to protect them and is only available December 1st to February 28th.
  • Da Fish Shack, a waterfront restaurant serving authentic Caribbean meals, excellent local fish dishes, delicious fish bites and fantastic cocktails in a casual fun environment where socializing is easy.
  • The Wharf, a waterfront restaurant on West Bay Road is a unique restaurant where you can feed the tarpon. They are not edible, but fun to watch. Their menu is diverse including a varied selection of excellent seafood.
  • Eagle Ray’s Lion Fish Tacos are incredibly delicious. The Lion Fish is an invasive species that kills off the reef fish but are safe and delicious to eat.
  • Guy Harvey’s also has a diverse seafood menu including their renown Lion Fish Greek Salad.
  • Grape Tree Cafe towards the East End area serves the local Fry Fish and Fritters dish which is a common local Caribbean dish.
  • Heritage Kitchen to the West also serves this local dish.
  • Yoshi Sushi specialty is a selection of Japanese sushi dishes
  • Taikun located in the Ritz-Carlton offers extensive Japanese cuisine while dining in an enchanting environment.

Traditional Dining

Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork cooked on a very hot grill are two local Caribbean dishes that are a must to try if you enjoy spicy foods. The seasoning is a combination of chilies, thyme, cinnamon, garlic and nutmeg. There are many roadside Jerk stands where you can try this delicious meat dish or if you prefer a restaurant setting try one of the following:

  • Peppers Smokehouse
  • Di Kit-Chan
  • Red Bay Jerk Chicken
  • Cayman Cabana uses only local produce and are proud of their farm to table dining experience called Cayman Locavore.

International Dining

Grand Cayman restaurants are proud to offer an array of international dining experiences.

  • Agave, Casa 43 and Taco Cantina all serve traditional Mexican food
  • Casanova, Aqua and Ragazzi specialize in Italian cuisine
  • Southern Spice and Pani have incredible Indian food buffets as well as a full menu
  • Thai Orchid and Canadian Poutine at Craft offer delicious Thai specialities
  • Tukka combines a fusion of Aussie and Caribbean cuisines. A fun restaurant overlooking the ocean and a great place to feed frigates while you wait.

Fast Food Dining

Grand Cayman also has its share of fast food restaurants for those times when you don’t have the time to sit down and dine.

  • Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Dominos Pizza, and Pizza Hut are a few of the most popular

Food Truck Dining

Food trucks are a very popular way to sell food now in Cayman and throughout the Caribbean. Great places to order food when you want something a bit different from the traditional fast food restaurants. They each have an interesting and delicious selection of sandwiches and food to choose from.

  • Burger Shack
  • A La Kebab
  • Good Mood Food Truck
  • Cafe Amazon

Fine Dining

While on vacation, it is always special to find the opportunity to add a few nights of fine dining to your schedule. There are no better places to enjoy being pampered in an exotic Caribbean atmosphere than Seven and Blue at the Ritz-Carlton and Abacus located in Camana Bay area.


When eating out in Cayman, as with anywhere else in the world, there is a gratuity sometimes automatically added to your bill for service. Always check your bill and if it has not been added, a traditional tip is usually between 15-20%. Waiters depend upon this extra money as part of the their income. Whatever your budget permits, there is always a restaurant to meet your needs. Enjoy your Cayman dining experience.

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