Cayman Islands Lifestyle

Island Lifestyle

The Cayman Islands offers world class beaches, snorkeling and diving. It is one of the most perfect vacation and investment places in the entire Caribbean. Strict environmental regulations keep the islands pristine which is not always true in many areas of the Caribbean. Flying into Grand Cayman, you are entranced by the crystal clear turquoise waters laced by miles of gorgeous white sand beaches surrounding the islands. The islands’ life pace is perfect with a combination of a daily relaxed atmosphere and exciting nightlife filled with quality entertainment and gourmet as well as casual dining. The Cayman Islands are one of the safest group of islands in the Caribbean as no guns are allowed, solicitation is against the law and strict drug laws are enforced. The stability of the government and the economy ensure the safety of both vacationing and investing in Cayman.

Island History

In 1503 Christopher Columbus sighted the islands but it wasn’t until the early 1800’s that the British colonized them. The Caymans became a separate British Crown Colony when Jamaica, which had been supervising the islands gained its independence in 1962. It is now a British Overseas Territory(BOT) with its own Constitution.

Island Activities

Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing and Boating: Grand Cayman, being the most developed of the 3 islands offers tourists incredible water-sports. Snorkel safely just offshore on your own or take one of the chartered boats out to one of the world’s most incredible reefs brimming with all kinds of marine life. If you love sting rays, a boat trip to Sting Ray City is a must for you and your family. It started as a lone sandbar where locals would feed an occasional sting ray and over the years developed into one of the most popular tourist sites where dozens of rays now come for an easy meal. If you are adventurous, you can hop overboard from your boat onto the sandbar and not wait long before you will be surrounded by friendly sting rays all searching for a free handout. If you are more squeamish, stay on board the boat and watch others as they scream joyfully as the stingrays gently brush against them.

The Caymans definitely can claim world class diving sites from Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock near George Town to Babylon North Wall offering scuba diving at all skill levels. You become one with this incredible marine environment as you submerge into the turquoise clear depths among its marine life. There are more than 300 diving sites in the 3 islands.

Love deep sea fishing? No license is needed to deep sea fish in Cayman. The only regulation is that you can keep only what you can consume. Bone fish and Tarpon must be released and are for sport only.

Naturalist or Bird Watcher

The Cayman Islands are home to approximately 200 unique native bird species offering the seasoned ornithologist or novice an adventurous day as they keenly search for their favorite bird. Grebes, plovers, shovelers and snowy egrets can be observed around Meagre Bay Pond. The Cayman National Trust has self-guided tour brochures for George Town and Central West Bay areas. Little Cayman is home to red-footed boobies, herons and egrets at the Booby Pond Nature Preserve. If you are more of a Botanical Naturalist, you will certainly enjoy meandering along the beautiful educational trails of Grand Cayman Botanic Gardens covering acres of orchids and flowering fruit trees to name only a few of the gorgeous plants available.

Restaurants and Nightlife

The unique feature about Grand Cayman is that you can spend the day sunbathing, swimming and walking gorgeous beaches and still have the luxury of quality gourmet dining as well as nightclubs in the evening. This opportunity is not available throughout the Caribbean as many islands are limited in their quality of nightlife and restaurants. Seven Mile Beach hosts the Matrix Nightclub and Bobo’s Iguana Club for the younger crowd offering the latest in dance music with top DJ’s and often live bands. Popular clubs and bars for live music include Illusions, Legends, XTC, Jungle, Club Inferno, West Bay Polo, Lone Star, and Next level. Two of the most popular comedy places are Coconuts Comedy Club at Captain Morgan’s in West Bay shopping center and Chuckles at West Bay Polo Club.

Concerts and Plays

Grand Cayman has it all including a 330 seat facility, The Harquail Theatre, on West Bay Road for cultural events sponsored by the Cayman National Cultural Foundation offering plays by Caymanian and West Indian playwrights and art exhibitions. The Lions Centre in Red Bay features top artists in Caribbean, country, pop and rock music. The Prospect Playhouse in Red Bay hosts year-round comedy, drama and musical performances by the Cayman Drama Society.

If you are looking for an incredible and quality vacation offering you and your family, the best beaches, water-sports, dining, nightlife and Nature, the Cayman Islands has the complete package. For the investor, it offers one of the best returns on your investment offering all of these amenities to your guests as well.

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