Grand Cayman Recreation and Activities

The Cayman Islands brings to mind miles of breathtaking white sand beaches, turquoise clear waters, world class snorkeling and diving, cocktails and dinner while watching some of the planet’s most gorgeous sunsets. Grand Cayman has all of these incredible tropical activities to offer tourists and residents alike.

Grand Cayman Island Beaches:

All beaches throughout the Cayman Islands are owned by the Crown and usage cannot be denied to anyone. The demarcation line for public use is the high water line. There are deeded public access ways through private land for access to the beach. Of course in all cases, the private property should be respected as one uses these public accesses.

7 Mile Beach

7 Mile Beach definitely ranks among the Caribbean’s best and most popular beaches. 7 miles of gorgeous white sand peppered with exotic tropical beach bars and casual and gourmet restaurants sharing the sunshine with some of the most exciting and adventurous water activities.

  • parasailing
  • snorkeling
  • wave runners
  • sailing
  • water jet back boots
  • water skiing
  • diving

Red Sail Sports is one of the largest companies among many companies offering these activities to the anxious onlooker. No worries about finding them, they usually search for interested customers while on the beach.

Beach Cocktails and Bar Snacks on 7 Mile Beach

Feel free to stop by any of the 7 Mile Beach Hotels for a drink or snacks at their beach bars which are also available to non-guests. A few of the more beautiful and luxury hotels are:

  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • The Westin
  • The Marriot
  • Kimpton Seafire & Spa

Zen Paddle Board Yoga on 7 Mile Beach

The latest craze is paddle board yoga. Vitamin Sea offers a choice of classes throughout the week. If you prefer pure paddle boarding, there are water sport companies ready to accommodate your needs. Just relax on these boards and enjoy the sea life below in the crystal clear water.

Smith’s Barcadare (locally known as Smith’s Cove)

This charming little sandy cove is just outside of George Town and can be accessed by walking. There is some of the most fascinating snorkeling just off shore at the reef. Picnic benches and public restrooms are available for your convenience. It is a lovely place for families wanting to spend the day at a more intimate beach area.

Spott’s Beach

Spot a turtle literally while enjoying this beach as these incredible creatures seem to enjoy this beach area as well. While sitting on the beach, you will observe their tiny heads popping up to get a breath of air. You can snorkel among them but be sensitive to them being wild animals. It is best to observe and not disturb!

Rum Point Beach

This North Shore Rum Point Beach, situated on tranquil turquoise water, is now one of the most popular beach areas for day visitors. It has a very active beach front with lounges, hammocks, a friendly beach bar restaurant and great beach shop offering souvenirs and beach clothes. As the water is usually calm on this side of the island, it is perfect for snorkeling and great for beginners to give it a try with confidence. Red Sail Sports also offers a number of water-sport activities for your enjoyment.

Grand Cayman Dining

Grand Cayman has it all ranging from local Caribbean hangouts serving Jerk Chicken, fish, conch salad to Michelin Star quality restaurants. If you prefer eating fish at a local restaurant, try Da Fish Shack which is great fun, casual with water views and delicious fish. Along 7 Mile beach you can find curry at Southern Spice and Thai at Thai Orchid. There are numerous casual restaurants serving pizzas, pastas, Caymanian and Caribbean food.

Blue and Seven are both Michelin Star quality restaurants in the Ritz-Carlton offering first class dining in a luxurious setting.

Wildlife in Grand Cayman

After enjoying the gorgeous beaches, you may want to venture out to see more of the island’s flora. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a beautiful park where you can casually stroll enjoying both the interesting and beautiful local plants as well as the native blue iguanas. For the ornithologists visiting, keep an eye out for the Cayman Parrot and other local birds that also enjoy the park environment.

If you want to explore more of the wildlife in the Cayman bush, take the Mastic Trail alone or with a National Trust guide. The guide will be helpful in pointing out all the local birds, frogs, snakes, and native plants giving information about each. This tour is wonderful for those who would like to learn more about island’s plants and animals.

Grand Cayman Museums

There is so much more to the Caymans than the beautiful beaches and incredible dining. A discovery and better understanding of their unique culture and history awaits the curious visitor when they visit the following places.

  • Cayman Islands National Museum
  • Pedro St. James
  • Mission House

Grand Cayman Events

Pirates Week in November is one of the most exciting and popular yearly events for both young and old. Become a pirate and join in the activities and watch the raucous parade with excitement as everyone joins in on the fun. Enjoy munching on all the local cuisine that will be available during the week.

In May, you can enjoy the one day Batabano Carnival bursting with street dancing, singing, music and beautiful glittering costumes full of brilliant colors.

If you are in Grand Cayman in November or in May, these events are more than worth seeing as they give you a taste of Caribbean culture and history.

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