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Cayman Activities & Things To Do

When you think of the Cayman Islands you think of beaches, turquoise Caribbean, cocktails and diving. Well you would be correct but there is even more than that. Here is a guide to activities and things to do in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Island Beaches

7 Mile Beach

7 Mile Beach is routinely named one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and in fact recently voted by Trip Advisor. 7 Mile Beach does offer relaxation, beach bars and sunshine but… if you are not one to just sit on a sun lounger here are some other activities you can do from the beach.
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Wave Runners
  • Sailing
  • Water Jet Pack Boots
  • Water Skiing
One of the biggest companies on the Island that offer many of these opportunities are Red Sail Sports, but there are also numerous other providers. If you sit long enough on your sun lounger – they will come to you. Along 7 Mile Beach you also have many hotels with beach bars, including the Ritz- Carlton, The Westin, The Marriott, Kimpton Seafire & Spa. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you can wander along the beach to any of these and pick up a cocktail or bar snack. If you want some zen whilst on the water then why not try paddle board yoga. Vitamin Sea offers all kinds of classes throughout the week for you to try. Or just hire a paddle board from one of the water sports companies and paddle your way around to see the fish in the clear blue water. Smith’s Barcadare (or locally known as Smith’s Cove) This is a smaller beach than 7 Mile – in fact is more like a sandy cove. Surround by reef and rock it offers fantastic snorkeling direct from the beach. This beach also offers picnic benches and public toilets. This makes it very popular with families. If you are feeling a little braver – with rock ledges you can jump off into the ocean just for fun!

Spott’s Beach

This beach is a badly kept secret – it was used a lot by locals but after many reviews on Trip Advisor it has become a very popular place for both locals and visitors. Why is it so good? There are many many turtles swimming around in this location. Sit on the beach and watch the sea and you will spot them popping their heads up to take a breath. Better still, put your snorkel on and swim with them. Just be careful not to get in their way or harm them – they are wild and peaceful creatures and should be left to their own devices. This is way better than seeing them in captivity!

Rum Point

Home of the Mudslide cocktail which was invented here. The ingredients consist of vodka, khalua, Baileys and ice with dash of chocolate powder on the top. Delicious. Rum Point offers so much for day visitors. Not only does it have a lovely beach area overlooking very calm waters, which is perfect for snorkeling, but it also offers free sun loungers, plus a restaurant and beach bar serving food all day as well as those cocktails. Red Sail Sports also have an outlet here so you can take part in any number of watersports. There is also a cute beach shop selling souvenirs and clothes.

Eating Out in Cayman

The Cayman Islands is known for its numerous top-class restaurants as well as the more local fayre. If you are looking for Michelin Star quality then you must visit Blue by Eric Ripert – one of two restaurants in the Ritz-Carlton. The other is Seven, equally as good. A lot of the restaurants are located along the 7 Mile Beach area. You can get everything from curry at Southern Spice to Thai food at Thai Orchid. If you want fish in a local place then try Da Fish Shack. It really is a bit like a shack but with great water views and the fish on offer is well worth it. There are of course all kinds of other food here. Pizza, Fish, Pasta, Curry, Caymanian Food, Caribbean Food, Jerk Chicken hangouts – take your pick.

Wildlife in Cayman

If you interested in the outdoors and wildlife then here are some options for you. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park – this is great for all the family. Walk around the park and look out for the native Blue Iguanas or take a Blue Iguana tour. This park offers lovely lakes, bird watching opportunities include the Cayman Parrot and if you like your plants then there are all kinds to look at. Mastic Trail – this is a wildlife trail that takes you through the Cayman bush. You will spot all kinds of local birds, frogs, snakes, native trees and generally learn a lot about Cayman wildlife. Take the tour with the National Trust as you will have a personal guide to point out the interesting stuff. Cayman Turtle Centre – this is good for the family. With ponds where you get the chance to hold a turtle, play on the water slides, see lots of other wildlife. A fun day out.

Museums in Cayman

If you want a break from the sunshine then why not take a look at some of our cultural activities. Here are some suggestions: Cayman Islands National Museum Pedro St James Mission House All of these will fill you with the history of the Cayman Islands.

Events in Cayman

We have a number of big events that take place every year. Two of the most popular with both locals and visitors are Pirates Week which takes place in November and during the week there are activities, a parade with ‘actual’ pirates putting on a display, plus lots of local food. The other event that really is colouful is the Batabano Carnival – this is a one day event in May where – like other Caribbean carnivals there are feathers, glitter, and soca music all around you. A very enjoyable event to take part in and to watch. If you don’t want to do any of that, then just simply enjoy the sunshine, the sea and Cayman Kind. Or do some house hunting, as why wouldn’t you want to live here? If we can help you find your vacation home or your forever home then email us at

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