Grand Cayman Entertainment

Grand Cayman has so many incredible and interesting things to do and to see that you will want to return again and again to include them all. Most tourists visit Grand Cayman for its breathtaking beaches. 7 Mile Beach has become the icon of beaches for the Caribbean. Swimming, walking and eating along this beach are wonders in themselves, but there is so much more to do in Grand Cayman that shouldn’t be missed.

Snorkeling for novices and experts alike opens up the marine world like few other places. You can go it alone or hire a tour to take you to other island locations. Spectacular sea life of corals, fish and sting rays await you.

Deep Sea Diving trips can be arranged to go to the very best sites to see the most incredible marine life including turtles, rays and sharks. Wall diving for the experts is a must in Cayman. Lessons are also offered for the beginner to become certified.

Sting Ray City tours, just off Rum Point in Cayman Cai, are great family fun as the boat takes you to the sandbar near Rum Point/ Cayman Cai area where over the years, the local sting rays have learned that food is easily available from tourists. It is an exceptional experience to jump overboard in shallow water to be among these gentle creatures of the sea. They swim right up to you waiting for a handout as their soft wings brush across your body. Unsettling initially, but welcoming after the initial encounter. Joyous screams from some as they are surrounded by these winged giants. Those who prefer to have the experience from afar can view the playful frenzy from the boat.

Starfish Point is the place to go for starfish enthusiasts. Located close to Rum Point, it is a must while on the North side of the island. Remember to always hold the starfish underwater as you gaze in amazement at its color and beauty.

Atlantis Submarine, a 30 passenger submarine, is a journey of a lifetime for those who prefer to have their marine experience in a drier place sitting inside this spacious submarine. You submerge to a depth of 110 ft as it meanders among coral and colorful fish and turtles. Kids especially love this trip and it gives them the opportunity to see all the marine life from the secure windows of the submarine.

Cayman Islands Helicopters will give you the bird’s eye view of these gorgeous islands. You may even see dolphins or whales below in the clear turquoise waters. The helicopter will accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Cayman Island Golf Courses are available for the enjoyment of everyone who enjoys the challenge of a new course. North Sound Course has been named number 1 in the Caribbean for many years.

Cayman Spirits Distillery Company is the place to visit when you are ready to try Seven Fathoms, the National Rum of the Caymans. The guided tour and tasting has become the number one spot for tourists to have a fantastic time rum tasting and partying with others. It has become as popular as wine tasting in Napa.

Cayman Crystal Caves, found on the North side, is the latest of the Grand Cayman attractions and a must to see. If you are an avid spelunker, you will not be disappointed by these caves. Lights bring out the beauty of these gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites. Guides take you throughout these caves and explain more of their geological history. A wonderful open area for all and no worries of claustrophobia!

Kite-surfing is a must for the experienced kite surfer. It is a spectacular sport flying above the waves and clear turquoise water below. Kite-surfing can be booked at the local sports shops.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters are available to the sportsperson who wants to venture out to deeper waters for larger fish. The regulation is that you can only keep what you can consume.

Cayman Luxury Cruise Charters can be reserved for those discerning travelers who prefer to cruise the Cayman waters at their own pace choosing the sites that interest them most.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a wonderful place for those interested in learning more about the flora of Grand Cayman. As you stroll through the beautiful manicured gardens, keep a watch for the local birds as they too love the tranquility of the park.

Pedro St. James Castle, originally constructed in 1800, is perfect for a historian who wants to learn more about the history of the Cayman Islands. The government restored the building to its original beauty making it one of the most interesting historical places to visit.

8-Plex Movie Theater is Cayman’s gift to those who want to just enjoy a good movie while on vacation. State of the art stadium seating with modern sound systems allow you to relax and enjoy a movie in style and comfort.

Segway ‘n Scoot Cayman offers 3 wheel fun road-worthy vehicles to see any of the sites that are available on Grand Cayman. It is the super fun way to see the island’s activities at your own pace. They also have a Tour GPS that will guide you to many of the sites mentioned above. Driving around in one of these adorable 3 wheel scooter type vehicles makes you feel like a kid again and well worth renting to make your vacation an extra fun event.

Grand Cayman Restaurants offer the best in fresh seafood including lobster when in season, tuna, mahi mahi and shell fish. As the island is a vacation choice for many international travelers, the cuisine also caters to their particular culinary tastes by offering Caribbean, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, English Pub Food, and the popular Tex-Mex. You can always find the food of your choice.

Reservations are recommended at the more luxurious gourmet restaurants. Gratuity is between 15%-20% and sometimes already included in your bill so be sure to check. Waiters do depend on their tips as part of their income.

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