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The Cayman Islands are world famous for their exceptional scuba diving but above the water there are numerous things to experience as well. One must visit the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm, the only such farm in existence in the world. Another must see is the Pedro St. James Castle, where Cayman’s democratic roots were planted hundreds of years ago. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park was established to preserve and protect an important area of the Island’s native flora and fauna and was opened by Queen Elizabeth on her visit to Cayman in 1994.

Of course if you don’t visit Stingray City, you have missed the number one attraction in Cayman. Don’t bother taking your wallet to Stingray City unless it is waterproof. Stingray City is actually located at the sand bar in the middle of the North Sound. A must trip by snorkel boat. If you don’t like getting wet, then book a trip on the Atlantis Submarine. It holds up to 30 passengers and takes to a depth of 110 ft. A fantastic way to experience scuba diving without worrying about being lunch.

For those who would like to fly above the crowd, book a trip with Cayman Islands Helicopters. They offer various aerial tours of the island and can take up to 6 passengers. If heights is not your cup of tea, then try one of the islands three golf courses. All three courses are highly rated with the North Sound course being ranked number one in the Caribbean for many years.

Cayman now has its’ own 8-Plex movie theater. Movies releases are matched day for day with the stateside theaters. With state of the art stadium seating and sound systems, one can enjoy the latest movies in comfort and style.

With Cayman having one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean, the restaurant scene is very well established with high end selections of the finest ingredients to sample. Restaurateurs import top end fresh selections from the waters of the globe. Seafood is always fresh and includes favorites like tuna, lobster, mahi mahi and shell fish.

In addition to Caribbean and Central American cuisine, the Cayman Islands also offers a huge range of alternative choices including European, traditional English pubs, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian and of course the “American Tex-Mex” .

Reservations are recommended at most of the ‘ hot spot’ establishments. Tipping is customary in Cayman and is an important part of a servers’ income. If a restaurant does not include a service charge, it is usual to leave a tip of between 15 & 20 %.

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