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DART Acquires Property In Little Cayman

Grand Cayman-Based developer DART has recently acquired several properties on the sister island of Little Cayman.

These include a large parcel of forest that will remain un-developed for the purpose of conservation. Dart discovered the 600 acre property that encircles Sparrowhawk Hill through its dealings with the National Trust for the Cayman Islands on an adjoining piece of land. This acquisition is the latest by the developer on Little Cayman and earlier in the year they announced plans to buy the Paradise Villas hotel and the Hungry Iguana restaurant. These purchases add to their portfolio that already contained the Point of Sand property on the eastern end of the island.

The land near Sparrowhawk Hill has some older mahogany trees and could see a walking path put in for the public enjoyment of the lands. DART has purchased many properties for conservation-only purposes and this is the latest acquisition along those lines. Like parcels in Jamaica and some other DART properties, this plot featureswalking trailsand surveyors will be brought in to mark out a path that utilizes the beauty of the forested terrain and other natural features. Visitors will be able to experience nature and the old-growth trees while minimizing their impact on the lands once everything is completed. Moreover, the part of the property that will be accessible to the public will be fully scoped once the work by the surveyors is completed. Dart intends to preserve the natural features and picturesqueness of Little Cayman in preserving these lands.

Since the acquisition of Point of Sand (widely viewed as the Little Cayman’s best piece of sandy beach) the Dart Group has not filed plans to redevelop the property. When probed about the parcel, DART reps have stated that the natural and unique settings of places like Point of Sand are something visitors to the islands should be able to enjoy. All of these properties have unique characteristics of a quintessential Caribbean island that include remoteness, gorgeous sand and ease of entry to the beach/water.

DART also announced recently that they had purchased the Paradise Villas. This is a twelve-unit resort on Little Cayman.Along with this they also acquired the adjoining Hungry Iguana restaurant. The reasoning behind these purchases was thewidely held view that Little Cayman’s allure is based on itsquaintness and unspoiled natural setting. The DART group has stated that there will be no major overhauls to these properties but there may be some shoring up of small items to improve the overall guest experience. These minor renovations to the properties will take place during the traditional August shutdown to minimize guest impact. Safety and security-related improvements are on the docket as well as painting, digging drain wells and relocating the reverse osmosis water producing plant and the laundry facilities.The Hungry Iguana Restaurant will see new furniture installed and kitchen equipment/etc. from Ortanique and the Britannia Grille relocated there from these Grand Cayman eateries.

These acquisitions are just the latest by the DART group in Little Cayman. The overarching theme, at least for the time being, seems to be preservation of the status quo and conservation of the Little Cayman way of life.

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