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Sell, Sell, Sell….. and all it encompasses!

Greeting visitors to your home is one of the single most important parts of selling your property…especially when those visitors are prospective buyers.

Preparing your home for the sales market is crucial to a successful sale. Look at the buyer’s perspective, start at the street or walkway and look the path toward your property. What do you see? Is it inviting? Does it draw you into the property? Things like removing personal signs and statues from the exterior, which are unique to your taste, are easily packed away to allow the buyer every opportunity to imagine themselves owning your property. Remove and pack away all personal items prior to placing your property on the market. This allows everyone to see the “true” property at its best!

From the first glance of your walkway, lawn or driveway, be sure everything is tidy along the way. Things like weeding, mulching the flower beds and edging the driveway are so important to that first impression. These simple tasks give your property the look and feel of low maintenance.

Have a look at the front door. Does it need to be cleaned or painted? Perhaps polishing the hardware or replacing it adds to the “invitation” your property gives. Look at the exterior light fixtures. Does it showcase your property? From time to time, evening showings are necessary. Having a light fixture that shows signs of weathering or one covered with insects will become an eye sore at night. Replace that entry fixture with something that gives your property the ambiance it deserves! Nothing about the entry to your property should be distracting!

Prior to bringing your real estate agent to your home, be sure your property is being showcased at its best. That first impression is lasting, and speaks volumes as to the maintenance and care the property has been given in the past. Be sure that the “visual perspective” everyone will be getting is at its very best. Prospective buyers will look from entry, to front hall and beyond. Things like the floor plan, furniture layout and everything in between need to be carefully studied. This will not only draw the clients in, a key in any sale, but will also allow them to visually flow through your property and imagine the prospect of it being their home without any distractions from the current owners.

Give us a call at (345) 945-6000. Our sales team has many years of experience in showcasing homes. We are always happy to share ideas, tips and any referrals you may need to give your property the best first impression it has to offer!

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