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Function and Style: Waterfront Condo Interior Design Ideas

Beautiful sunsets, the sound of the Caribbean sea and the milky white sand on your toes are only a few of the many things that living in the Cayman Islands can offer. Living in a waterfront condominium on the Seven Mile Beach affords you the pleasure of having your own personal resort, carefree ownership, property appreciation…

…and lucrative investments. Decorating your waterfront condo is an important part of your investment plan, and it is also a wonderful experience by itself. Here are a few tips on decorating your waterfront condo with the correct accessories, colors and furniture, so that it mixes well with its surroundings.

Color Schemes for Beach Condos

If you want to go home to a relaxing environment after a day’s work, then a waterfront condo is the way to go. Ocean colors like muted taupes, greens, grays and blues are colors that are not only appropriate for a beachfront home, but are the most soothing ones, too. White is also a perfect color for a waterfront condo as it gives your home a breezy touch. If you think that a white wall will eventually bore you, you may use the abovementioned colors and then use white to accentuate your main color.

Choosing the Right Accessories

A waterfront condo will look more luxurious with the right accessories. Decorate your living area with oversized pictures of a rocky shoreline in sepia. Photographs in sepia make your living room modern, elegant and tropical at the same time. Hardwood floors, blown glass floats, sea grass mats, framed dried starfish, miniature lighthouses and lamps all reflect the casual and relaxed feeling of a Caribbean condominium.

Make Use of that Outdoor Space

Our condos on Seven Mile Beach have spacious outdoor living space, so take advantage of that space by placing a grill in the area. Just decorate your balcony with beautiful lights, canvas canopy or pergola and then you’re all set to invite your friends for beach parties! You can also turn your balcony into another room by setting up a dining area. Enjoy your meals or sip your hot cup of cappuccino while overlooking the majestic Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman for a truly fascinating experience!

Why Function is Important

You need to understand that there are special considerations for waterfront condos because you live near the water. For example, the flooring you use for a condo on the beach is not the same as the flooring you use for a condo in the city. Make sure that when you shop for flooring, the kind you choose can endure moisture and wet feet.

Another consideration is the type of window film to use. Instead of using airconditioners or other types of cooling systems, purchase only the energy-efficient type of window films or lined drapes to save money.

Take into account the type of fabric you use. When living in a beachfront condo, you should choose a fabric that is easy to brush. Remember, you are living right on the beach and you are bound to accummulate sand inside your house. A grass mat on the entrance or on your doorstep is a good idea because this type of mat catches sand.

Beach Theme Ideas

If you are planning to buy a beachfront property with a budget of more than US$2.5 million, you are sure to score one of the best and most luxurious waterfront condos in Grand Cayman. With this type of unit, you can provide a room for you and your spouse and a few extra rooms for your kids. The most appropriate theme for a waterfront condo is, of course, a beach theme. To achieve this theme, you may paint waves on the walls of your kid’s room. For the master bedroom, use a neutral design and then put large pictures of the ocean on the walls for a more subtle beach theme.

Your next step is to know how to buy that property in Cayman so that you can start decorating it! Happy shopping!

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