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What Makes Cayman Special? The People, The Place, The Potential

Grand Cayman is a western caribbean tropical isle that is special and one-of-a-kind. Unique and with a style all its own, Cayman is a true gem and here’s why.

By Johnny Pohlmann

The People. Cayman has a population of roughly 56,700 people. Of these, a little over 32,000 folks are Caymanians. These are a proud and independent people. With a long history in seafaring, Caymanians are steeped in a rich maritime tradition. Known the world over for being expert seamen, a Caymanian’s life is tied to the sea. From conch to clipper ships and everything in between, a Caymanian knows his ocean environment! Caymanians also have a robust artistic and musical element, are expert ‘turtlers’ and are known for woodworking/ship building and rope making. The locals are also extremely friendly and always willing to help a wide-eyed traveler. The remaining populace is comprised mainly of Jamaicans, British expats, Canadians, Americans, Filipinos and South American natives. This creates a true ‘melting pot’ of cultures, traditions, values and personalities. What this gives you is a big city diversity in a plush tropical island setting. Never mind the crowded streets of New York City, Taipei or Hong Kong. Visitors to Cayman can learn a great deal about a wide variety of ethnicities and clutures from the relaxing comfort of their own Seven Mile Beach lounger. Strike up a random conversation here and you are sure to walk away with a lasting impression and, very likely, a new worldly friend!

The Place. Cayman is stunningly beautiful. The native flora and fauna are distinct and utterly facinating. The marine life is out of this world and attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the globe. Over 650 different species of plants have been found in the forests of Cayman. Pretty impressive considering the entire island is no more than 76 square miles in area and a mere 22 miles long! Of the animal life, the Blue Iguana and the native Green Parrot are surely the fauna standouts. Edible land crabs, lizards and the elusive Agouti Rabbit can also be found. Tortoises, frogs and assorted lizards can also be seen flockling peacefully in the predator-free islands environment. Take to the high seas and you are entering an area that rivals a foreign planet in its vastness and unexplored capacity. The islands sits atop the pinnacle of an underwater seamount that juts up some 25,000 feet from the depths of the Cayman Trough. This 100 mile wide, cavernously deep oceanic expanse is home to startling array of mysterious sea life. From sharks and rays to dophins and exotic corals/fish species, each adventure into the great abyss can yield something new and exciting. Unexpected and amazing.

The Potential. Cayman is a place that is ripe with attractive investment opporunities. Real estate is a prime example. With no restriction on foreign investment, Cayman puts the power in the palms of the purchaser. Every piece of land is government guaranteed as a right of ownership and transparency is provided by the open accessibility of records to the public. No annual property or capital gains taxes are present in Cayman and this incentivizes the real estate speculator to choose Cayman over the other Caribbean island nations. No time limits on building for foreign investors and the well-run government Land Registry office complete the package of an attractive Caymanian real estate market.

Another great example of the potential that exists in Cayman is the business environment. To the business owner, Cayman offers a tax-neutral, internationally known and respected offshore business atmosphere. Factor in an already robust international banking and trading center and the existence of Special Economic Zones for the nurturing of economic development and Cayman offers an attractive suite of options for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. A third great example of Cayman’s vast potential is the prevalence of new and ongoing projects already in motion on the Island. The Watercolours, International Health City, The Kimpton and the Cayman Kai Planned Area Development (PAD) are just some of the many major developments being implemented on this ever-growing and expanding Island national.

Cayman is truley a special and unique place in a distinct and extraordinary part of the world. When you really look at what makes this place so special, you begin to see that it’s the people, in this exceptional place, capitalizing on their own unique blend of creative and professional potential that make it great. Cayman is very much a treasure and it’s the mix of these things that have made it decidedly so.

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